Who We Are

Foot Forward Forest Farm is a small family regenerative farmstead and home to three generations of ‘Dolls’. Grandpa and Grandma Doll (Ed and Marilyn) joined Marc, Jennifer and their two girls on the Farm in spring 2022.

Marc and Jennifer are the farmers and responsible for all the land design, products, animals and gardens.

Our Journey

In 2016, Marc and Jennifer left their city lives and jobs, sold their home, and set out on a new course to try to combine their values of family, restoring the environment, community and good nutrient-dense food – all while trying to design a life which would be resilient enough to adapt to all the unexpected hurdles a changing climate and an unsustainable economic system could throw there way.

For almost 2 years Marc, Jen, and their twin daughters circled North America in their 30 year old VW Van, exploring the continent and volunteering on a wide variety of organic, regenerative, and conventional farms. They took advantage of these two years to study, and gain experience and knowledge in, the best agricultural practices. From the dozens of agricultural texts that line their bookshelves, to a variety of courses and agricultural conferences in composting, soil and soil health, fermentation, cheese making and more, both tried to assimilate as much information as they could in order to be able to transition from urbanites to bonafide land regenerating, independent farmsteaders.

The Team


Marc began his professional career as a Junior High teacher in Calgary. After 12 years in the classroom, he began his own Real Estate business and spent much of his free time as a community and political organizer.


Jen has a Master of Social Work and a career that spanned several provinces before landing in Calgary where she started her family. Before escaping from the urban life, Jennifer was a Community Development Officer for the Government of Alberta.

The Girls

Farm chores feature strongly in growing up on Foot Forward Farm for the girls. But with violin practice, the daily commute by bus and ferry to school, crafting, dance and more… they try to convince their parents that there is a limit to their superpowers. Their parents remain unconvinced 🙂

The Dogs

Dogs are a big part of the Foot Forward team. With wolves, cougars, raccoons, mink, hawks, and more all wanting to make a meal out of the farm’s creatures, the dogs work hard to make sure everyone, including the humans, can rest easy.


Scotia is a purebred working border collie. Her eye to the sky has meant that very very few animals fall prey to the ever present hawks, ravens and eagles. Her ability to tell the sheep and goats that they are somewhere they are not supposed to be helps make the farm run smoothly. Always ready to work or go for a walk, Scotia is never far from our heels.


Luna is our livestock guardian dog or LGD. Her big bark has done a fantastic job at keeping even a wandering grizzly bear away from the heart of the farm. Yet she is still a warm and friendly presence around all humans.