What We Sell

Pastured Chickens

Our broiler chickens are brought onto the farm as day old chicks and spend their first few weeks in our specially designed brooder where they grow their first feathers and get a taste of the grasses on which they will soon roam.

Once they are large and well-insulated enough to make the journey to the pastures, they are transferred to our open paddocks and surrounded by predator-deterring electric fencing, with access to a covered ‘Chicken Tractor’.

They roam freely under the watchful eye of ‘Day Day’, our guard goose, and Scotia, our sky-watching border collie, while Luna, our Livestock Guardian Dog, patrols the forests and fields keeping predators at bay.

Having access to fresh pasture along with all the insects it provides ensures our chicken will be the best you have ever tasted.

There is no mistaking the lush green grass that grows in the wake of these walking natural fertilizers.

A deposit of $10 per bird via e-transfer is required to complete your order.  The final price will be $8/lb for 2023.

SOLD OUT for 2023

Custom-made Sausages

We have received a license to sell fresh sausages!  Our sausages are made from our farm-raised pigs, and occasionally from our grass-fed sheep and free-range goats.

At Foot Forward Farm we use all the prime cuts in our sausage, not just the trim.  That and the fact that our sausage is made exclusively from our own animals makes our sausage one of a kind!
Due to the high quality of meat being used, we find that the best-tasting  pork sausages are ones that have a lower spice profile.  Our favourite is our Leek and Sage sausage, as well as the simple Mennonite sausage.  These simple spice profiles let the natural flavours shine through.  That said, we love our unique Asian Pork Dumpling, and our spicy sausages too, like Italian and Chorizo!  As for our sheep sausage, we love to spice it up, with our favourite being our Merguez sausage made with homemade Harissa paste (roasted red pepper, smoked ancho chilies, and a North African spice blend).  Many other flavours are available as well.
Our sausages are generally gluten-free, lactose-free, and soy-free, but let us know if there are any dietary requirements to ensure that they are respected.
Pork sausage is currently $16/lb and sells in packages of 6 sausages each.

Grass-Fed Lamb

Our 100% grass-fed sheep may well be our most powerful regenerative tool on the farm. An intensively-managed grazing system is practised during the most critical growing months of the year. By strategically rotating the sheep in small paddocks throughout the farm, sheep are transformed into carbon-sequestering-soil-improving-solar-energy-converting-composting machines. Through a pattern of intense disturbance and long periods of rest, our grasslands and growing silvopasture become more fertile and productive year after year.

On our once abused pastures, where in some cases little to no life thrived, we now see a greater diversity of grasses growing in increasing densities.

Taking orders now for 2023.  Sold by Half Lamb or Full Lamb.  The price this year is $12.50/lb and we require a deposit of $100 per half to reserve your order.  Contact Us to order.


Free-Range Goat

Goats provide all the milk we drink and we also make hard and soft cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, and kefir with this milk. The more independent nature of goats make them a more difficult animal to call fully-regenerative. The does, as high production milk-producing animals, do require feed inputs from off-farm but the bulk of their nutrition is found naturally growing here on the farm.

Despite requiring feed-inputs, the regenerative role of goats on the farm is still visible and important. Their tendency to browse anything up to 5 feet off the ground ensures they play a significant role in fire-smarting our property, and they work hard in the creation of new silvopasture areas on the farm. Their manure powers our gardens, and along with compost and compost tea, ensures our annual and many of our perennial plants thrive in life-rich soils.

Our bucklings and wethers make their living largely off of the land and, along with the does, are a crucial element in our multi-species grazing program. Along with the sheep they enjoy native and introduced grasses, but the goats specialize in eating many of the less palatable species the sheep often ignore.

Taking orders now for 2023.  Sold by Half Goat or Full Goat.  The price this year is $12.50/lb and we require a deposit of $100 per half to reserve your order.  Contact Us to order.


Pastured Pork

We grow a very limited number of pigs on the farm and they are one of a kind. As high input animals, the number of pigs we grow is limited to how much Non-GMO compost-grown Wheat/Oat/Pea mix we can obtain from a local farmer. We have a standing order to buy anything that didn’t quite clean up enough to sell to local high-end bakeries. We then ferment these whole grains and legumes before feeding it to the pigs, making it more nutritious and easier to digest.

This feed makes up the bulk of their diet as they grow. They begin their life on a home fermented food and are finished for over a month on fruit pressings.

The pigs spend all of their lives here on pasture, usually beginning in our gardens, turning things over for our Spring planting. From there they go to work in the fields and forests, their job being either the eradication of trailing blackberry or creating disturbance in the forests to enable transition to silvopasture.

That is “some pig.”

Sold by the Half Pig or Full Pig.  Contact Us to order.



Free Range Pastured Eggs

Our Free Range Pastured Chickens have unlimited access to our fields where they eat all the land has to offer.  This ensures a large delicious yellow-yolked egg.  All of our chickens are raised by their mothers and born on the farm.

Find our eggs for sale at Quadra Island Pantry in Quathiaski Cove.

Christmas Geese

We have discovered that geese as grass eaters have earned their place in our farm’s ecosystem. We have long ago retired our gas powered lawn mower in favour of geese.

Each species on the farm can target a part of the land’s bounty ignored by the other species, while recycling much of what they consume and returning it directly to the soil. Geese are no exception.

Geese are prolific ‘recyclers’ and ensure that otherwise unwanted species of greenery, such as buttercup and blackberry become indispensable resources.

Our geese are not quite 100% grass fed as we do supplement them with feed in their high growth months, and we finish them on the falling apples and pears we can’t reach as well as the fruit pressings from a local fermentation business. That said, you will often find them out working, trying to keep up with the lawn trimming or out in the fields with the sheep and goats.

A deposit of $25 per bird via e-transfer is required to complete your order.  The final price will be $12.00/lb for 2023.


Compost Tea

Every spring we sell a batch or two of Actively Aerated Compost Tea

AACT is the process of taking very high-quality compost and growing the microbial populations in that material hundred of thousands of times to millions of times through the process of brewing with clean aerated water, and microbial and fungal foods.

Each gallon has trillions of bacteria, millions of amoeba and flagellates, and hundreds of thousands of micrograms of fungal mycelia –also known as the base elements of the soil food web.  It is the soil food web that feeds and protects our plants and ensures healthy soil.  One gallon is enough to innoculate an entire garden.


Contact us to be put on a notification list for the next batch.

Tote Bags

Beautiful, handsewn on the farm by us, quality tote bags made from plastic feed bags. Quite big with a flat bottom.  Great for shopping, storage, or as a container for gift.

We try to buy our feed in bulk or in paper bags whenever possible.  But when our feed comes in plastic, we turn those bags into something useful.

Designs currently available: Orange Horse, Orange Chickens, Yellow Poultry, Wheat, Farmhouse, Sheep/Goat/Llama Trifecta.  Click on images and zoom in for a better view.


Contact Us to buy a bag and have it shipped for $3/bag to anywhere in Canada.